Guilty Feet Ain’t Got No Rhythm

Guilty Feet Ain’t Got No Rhythm

Sexy Sax Man (Careless Whisper Saxophone Prank!!)

Sergio Flores — aka “Sexy Sax Man” has been popping up in public places for surprise performances of George Micheal’s (credited to Wham) 1984 hit single “Careless Whisper”. Sergio rolls into malls, a college classroom, a Wal-Mart and more. Confronted at every turn, is there anyone who appreciates good music nowadays?

One of the funniest viral videos this year, from the absurd get up to popping up at High School Football games, it’s a web clip not be missed. If George Michael has seen this and he probably has, bets are that he thinks it’s funny too! Check out the video and let the “Sexy Sax Man” serenade you with his sound.

What where some of your favorite lines?

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  • Right now he’s just playing to a baby!
  • Wait, have you heard this one?
  • Play that one George Michael Song!
  • He’s is above the law!

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