Everything Marketers Need To Know About Facebook’s New ‘Send’ Button

Everything Marketers Need To Know About Facebook’s New ‘Send’ Button

Today Facebook announced the release of an exciting new feature, the “Send” button, which we believe is ‘big’ news for marketers. The “Send” button will be a powerful addition to the sharing functionalities of your brand website, since visitors will now be able to target their sharing activity to specific people, instead of worrying about blasting their entire Facebook friends list each time they want to “Like” something on your site. This can be an especially handy function for promotions, deals, discounts, and sales you run. To learn more about how you can benefit from the “Send” button and how Wildfire can help you, read more. (via wildfire)

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The “Send” button is similar to the “Like” button, that enables people to share a web site with all their friends. Except with the “Send” button, people can share with a smaller group of people. They can choose a group–such as Roommates, Family, or Soccer Team.

The ability to only share items that are relevant to people should be welcome for those who don’t care about their friends’ every single move online. In Facebook’s example, you can share a trip idea from Orbitz.com with your roommates with one click.


Website publishers however will have to go back and carve out more space for Facebook. Is this “button creep”–will Facebook come up with yet more buttons down the line?

The Send button gives people more reason to share content back to Facebook and drive more traffic and ad revenue.

Facebook is pushing the Send button along with its Groups service. It has added some new features such as the ability to upload whole photo albums to groups, instead of just one photo. It also added the ability for group owners to approve people before they join a group. (via Forbes)


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