Determined Owner Saves Porsche From Kentucky Flood

Determined Owner Saves Porsche From Kentucky Flood
How far would you go to rescue your ride in the event of a natural disaster? To avoid having it end up like this poor schmuck’s Mustang? A Porsche owner who lived in a mansion at the end of a marina was more than prepared, and had the car ready to float to safety on what appears to be anAir-Dock for lifting boats. As the floodwaters rose, the buoyant platform was kept close to home by its lifeline to the house’s roof. Brilliant or what? I’ve often schemed about how I’d get my cars to safety in the event of an earthquake, volcanic explosion, tsunami, wildfires, terrorist attack, government collapse, overnight ice-age, etc. What’s your emergency plan?

By: Jen Dunnaway
Posted On: 5/4/2011 3:12PM (via


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