18 Of The Worlds Coolest And Innovative Modern Bathtubs

18 Of The Worlds Coolest And Innovative Modern Bathtubs

Nothing is more relaxing than a long languorous bath to soak away your troubles with a chilled glass of white wine. The art of bathing is taken quite seriously by the design continuum and in recent years we have seen an explosion of luxurious and thoughtfully designed bathtubs. Listed below are some of the coolest and innovative modem bathtubs out there and they all will help you soak your troubles away.

The Yellow Modern Bathtub by BluBleu

The Wall Strip Bathtub by PSC

The Vascabarca Bath Tub by Antonio Lupi

Universal Functions by  Disambigua

The Vision Bathtub by Gruppo Treesse

The Red Diamond Bathtub

The Milo Spa Bathtub

The LTT Illuminated Bathtub

The Leggera Bathtub by Ceramica Flaminia 9 (link)

The Hoesch Water Lounge

Shoe Bathtub by Massimiliano Della Monaca (link)




The Lucedentro Illuminating Mosaic Bathtub




The Mobile Bathtub by Badkar


The Hikki Bathtub




Cristalplant Based Origami Bathtub Series By Stocco (link)


Biblio Bathtub With Bookshelf By Antonio Lupi (link)


“Tulip” Shower Luxury Bathtub



Baleina Chromotherapy Whirlpool Bathtub by Thalassor (link)

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