Mustache or No Mustache that is the question?

Mustache or No Mustache that is the question?

Movie moustache inspiration for Movember

Vince Vaughn with Mustache








I’ve been rocking the “Stache” for over a month now. I have to admit it has been filling in nicely. Should I keep it or cut it? Vote below…



  1. PLEASE clarify the voting question more thoroughly as I can’t tell if I’m voting for you to shave it or keep it! And for the record.. you MAY NOT shave it.. regardless of the poll standings, however I am curious as to what the general public has to say about it 😉 Meow

  2. Thanks for the feedback

    To clarify: It’s a Cut it or Keep it deal… I edited the poll to make it clearer and added a “other” option.

    Thanks again!!

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