Pets that Resemble Famous Celebrities

Pets that Resemble Famous Celebrities

Say what you will about these masquerading animals, just don’t tell me they didn’t make you laugh! teNeues publishing group recently released two books that will have you giggling with glee. Called Famous Faces, the bigger hardcover version and smaller pop-culture bookare based on a line of successful greeting cards.

“Through the magic of make-believe a cute puppy morphs into the ultimate diva. And wait, what about the hamster who reminds you of that uncle of yours who has political ambitions? Turn the next page and there is a cat styled as the most popular girl in school! The laughs keep coming as you browse. Which is your favorite? There are so many quirky characters, you’ll find it hard to choose. One thing is certain, this whimsical collection is sure to make you smile.”

Smile, indeed.

Head to teNeues’ website for these books and more. (via


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