Two Thumbs Up for David Choe and Harry Kim!

Two Thumbs Up for David Choe and Harry Kim!

The Thumbs Up! Series are exciting adventures with artist David Choe and best friend filmmaker Harry Kim hitchhiking there way across the United States by trains, cars, and boats with a “we take all rides” credo. Super addicting episodes leaving you craving for more! Netflix is the best way to watch the first two of three seasons if you have an account (Season 3 not available). VBS.TV originally published the all three seasons on their site and YouTube if your not a “netflixaholic” like us.

After watching the entire series comment below on your favorite part(s).


  1. Airplane!

  2. that was awesome how they got a free airplane ride to alaska. that just shows you that when it seems like the end of the road, there’s always a way and most of the time it’s right around the corner.

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