Tank Farm and Alpinestar Sale

Tank Farm and Alpinestar Sale

Tank Farm is having a sidewalk sale this weekend. If you’re in the los alamitos area, come and check it out. They have some great stuff.

Tankfarm was founded by brothers John & Mike Anderson originally as a independent Orange County record label back in 2001. The brothers started making t-shirts and fleece out of their Grandpa’s and Dad’s print shop with great success. They then launched Tankfarm Clothing in 2003 with immediate orders from Fred Segal and Urban Outfitters. The Tankfarm brand is inspired by classic American heritage and style.


What up Alpinestars fans!?! Just in time to get geared up for Summer!! The Alpinestars Summer Sale and Jamfest featuring Mike Pinto and Sono Vero is going down May 14th from 10am-4pm! Get your hands on tons of Clothing, Accessories and Motorcycle Apparel (Jackets, Tech 7s, etc.)! Mike Pinto, Sono Vero and DJ Tony will be providing great tunes and vibes throughout the day! We will also have Bigmista’s BBQ on-site whippin’ up some good eats to keep you energized! Come hangout in the Alpinestars parking lot, pick up some fresh gear for great prices, get some grub and jam out to some great music!!! See ya there!


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