Photos: Wink’s Invitational at Scotty’s Smokehouse

Photos: Wink’s Invitational at Scotty’s Smokehouse

Wink Eller a 24-year veteran in the motorcycle world, is known within the industry for the craftsmanship and performance of his custom-made cycles. Throughout the years Eller has shown that his machines are a sublime mélange of form and function, winning critical and commercial appeal for the beauty of his bikes and gaining rock solid industry approval with over 40 land speed records, 14 of which have yet to be broken. His talents have netted him numerous media appearances, including magazine, television, and film.

Wink was recently hurt in a crash and his many friends and admirers came to help give him both mental and financial support to get through his operations.

Wink’s Invitational Tribute to Bonneville – Show of Support

Because sometimes you not only bring home a word from Bonneville, you also bring home a little salt on your bones!!

Sunday, June 26th

Check out some of the best hand made cars and motorcycles and meet the people who drive and ride em, risking their lives to set world speed records and go into history books! Here are some pics!

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