5th Ave Bagelry – TURKEY SANDWICH MMM…

5th Ave Bagelry – TURKEY SANDWICH MMM…

I cruise here with my bestest roll dog Tricky Ricky aka the Rooster Preuster almost every day for lunch. I order a Turkey Sandwich on the everything roll or dutch crunch roll (sometimes the everything bagel). He orders whatever he wants cuz thats how he rolls.

Check out one of my favorite Yelp reviews: 10+ kinds of coffees and 20+ kinds of bagels = perfect morning stop. I have to admit, I love the cinnamon sugar bagel (toasted) with cream cheese sooooo much, that I never tried an actual breakfast sandwich. After reading reviews though, I will change my ways and try new things. The ham review sounded delectable, as well as, the lox review. Yum, tomorrow is a new day!

What’s your bagel? Sweet, Savory, Salty, Everything? They got it. Also several cream cheeses to add. They also have a variety of breakfast sandwiches and as I make my way through each one, I will update/ I also love the variety of coffee this place has to offer. I tend to mix bananas foster with snicker doodle or Irish cream. If you like stereotypes, I’d like to think the local police would frequent this place.

As for lunch, I love there sandwiches. I usually get the #6 turkey with mayo on a spinach parmesan bagel. They also have daily lunch special with free drink and chips…can’t go wrong there. I also have had the veggie bagel, also delicious. Once again, reviews are convincing, I am ready to try the chicken salad someone raved about.

This place is place is locally owned by a family that has students in Cypress. They are very friendly and I’ve never had a problem. They used to be cash only…..but they may take cards now. I will need to pay better attention, I got into the groove of bringing cash, I only pay with cash there.

The mornings get busy with high schoolers in line, but they are fairly quick on the order and eat on their way to school.

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