Will You Do Me A Kindness?

Will You Do Me A Kindness?

“I don’t want any more bullshit from anyone, and that includes me!” -Jack Rebney

Ben Steinbauer’s Winnebago Man takes as its starting point a widely seen viral video of outtakes from a Winnebago promotional video.

Winnebago Man (Ben Steinbauer, USA, 2009, 85 minutes)

Netflix: This entertaining documentary explores the phenomenon of Jack Rebney, who became an Internet sensation after a grainy, nearly 20-year-old video of him furiously swearing up a storm while filming a Winnebago sales video made the rounds online. Traveling to a mountaintop, filmmaker Ben Steinbauer tracks down Rebney — who’s become known in underground circles as the “Angriest Man in the World” — and tries to discover what makes the loner tick. 

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  1. This is an amazing documentary!! What started out as very funny footage of a very angry man quickly grew into a gripping documentary about Jack Rebney and his rather impressive background. A must watch!!!

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